Virus Scanner Plus Mac 破解版 Mac上的杀毒软件-(下载

Virus Scanner Plus破解版由Bitdefender开发,可让您扫描Mac以识别可能的威胁。Virus Scanner Plus mac破解版在帮助您扫描Mac并快速检测特定于系统的威胁,Virus Scanner Plus破解版使用Bitdefender病毒定义,该定义每小时更新一次。

[Virus Scanner Plus 在Mac App Store售价 198.00 元]

Virus Scanner Plus 3.1.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

Bitdefender的Virus Scanner Plus将公司最受好评的防病毒技术带入App Store!每当您选择或激活连续扫描以保持Virus Scanner Plus始终运行时,扫描正在运行的应用程序,扫描关键位置或扫描整个系统。如果知识兔您下载了受感染的文件或通过邮件收到了文件,则Mac将受到保护,朋友的计算机也将受到保护。

VirusScannerPlus 3.14 by Bitdefender brings the company’s top rated antivirus technology to the App Store! Scan running apps, scan critical locations or scan the entire system whenever you choose or activate Continuous Scan to keep Virus Scanner Plus running all the time. If you download an infected file or get one in the mail your Mac will be protected and your friends’ computers safe.


  • Award-winning Bitdefender antivirus engines;
  • Detects OS X and Windows viruses alike;
  • Updates to the latest version automatically if enabled;
  • Quick scan option – rapidly scans system areas that are prone to infections;
  • Searches for malware even in archives and other types of files i.e. pdf, pkg, zip, rar etc;


  • Easy to use interface;
  • Straight-forward security status and recommendations;
  • Quarantines dangerous files;
  • Deep system scan;
  • Drag and drop scan of files or folders;
  • Exclude files and folders from scan (i.e. Time Machine backups, etc.)

Virus Scanner Plus Mac 破解版 Mac上的杀毒软件

Virus Scanner Plus 3.1.4 Mac 破解版 下载

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